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Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s lofty dreams to change our economic narrative at the inception of his administration is both noble and patriotic. Economic development is the catalyst for a prosperous society.

The late Kofi Annan, seventh Secretary General of the United Nations, posits that “Extreme poverty anywhere is a threat to human security everywhere. Although, history has it that economic growth, by itself, cannot close the gap between the” have and have-not “.

I concede the simple fact that I am not an economist, neither do I have the mastery or secondary knowledge of the subject matter. But, as one who is widely read I make bold to say that the economic blueprint of Dr Ikpeazu, has indeed confounded his worst critics and wowed most Abians.

Aba is now a boisterous business environment as the governor is poised in re-modeling the city through a massive infrastructural re-engineering.

Governor Ikpeazu’s economic agenda is characterized by taking pains, and exhibiting due diligence with a scientific precision in changing the economic climate of Abia’s investment landscape through his simple and time tasted approach to alleviating poverty of our people by boosting their sources of livelihood.

Today, “Made in Aba“, is now the anchor point for local content. The governor has constintently globalized the mantra of “Buy Naija goods to grow our naira” through a robust packaging of “SMEs”, as they now compete favourably with their counterparts in and around the world.

For example, It is no more a secret that most Nigerians are proudly patronizing Aba tailors because of their unique styles .Also the highs and mightiest men and women in our society order” Made in Aba” well-tailored wears, like Fadamasi, Toskymyn, and a host of other enterprising young people is indeed a testament to Dr Ikpeazu’s untiring commitments and absolute dedication to delivering his campaign promises.

Of course the governor has never claimed to have completely bailed us all out of the woods, but we are certainly not where we used to be before the advent of his administration.

Nelson Mandela (Madiba), late President of the Republic of South Africa, while addressing a staggering crowd of 22,000 people, along with Bob Geldolf, outlined the three demands that underpinned the “Make poverty history campaign”, carving the way for the eradication of extreme poverty to be realized. Said, and I quote” The steps that are needed from the developed nations are clear. The first is ensuring trade justice. I have said before that trade justice is a truly meaningful way for the developed countries to show an end to global poverty. The second is an end to the debt crisis for the poorest countries. The third is to deliver much more aid and make sure it is of the highest quality “.

Dr Ikpeazu, has domesticated trade justice in such a manner that Abians have equal opportunities with a glimmer of hope of better days ahead. These and many more packages are deliberately put in place to rejigging our economic growth as a means of boosting job security.

Dr Ikpeazu’s economic agenda despite huge challenges is sound and simple.

As part of his resolve to reenact the agro-revolution in Abia State, over 200 young Abians are currently in Nasarawa State for a two weeks training program in Agricultural skills. It may also interest you that this training is one of the cardinal Agro policies of this administration as it will help in food security.

It signals the dawn of a new beginning and will help in stimulating our economic future we all yearn for.

Abia is indeed in a steady trajectory of economic growth.

*Chika Art Adiele writes from Victorian Court, Umuahia.

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